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March 3, 2020




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February 18, 2020


Bryan Vincent Acklin is a dedicated attorney who wants to use his experience, education, and passion for the law to serve his community by presiding over the 176th District Court in Harris County, TX. His goals as a district court judge would include making sure that every single person who were to step foot in the courtroom would be treated with dignity, respect, and fairness. He would apply the law using compassion and common sense to make sure that justice is served.


Bryan is a proud first generation Texan who was born into the loving home of two college sweethearts. His parents instilled in him not only the values of education and hard work, but also compassion, especially for those in a vulnerable position. Those values and his family’s support took Bryan to Nashville, TN, where he studied at Vanderbilt University. After graduating cum laude, Bryan’s desire to serve his community brought him back to his hometown of Houston. He spent two amazing years teaching bilingual elementary education at Gallegos Elementary in the Houston Independent School District as a Teach For America corp member. 


Inspired by the systemic inequities he saw his students facing, Bryan elected to study law at the University of Texas School of Law. He was active in the school’s Mock Trial Team, and spent his third year on campus serving indigent accused persons by participating in the school’s Criminal Defense Clinic.


Bryan had the good fortune to be hired by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office following his graduation. While there, he worked in the Trial Bureau, the Family Criminal Law Division and the Grand Jury Division. He also supervised and helped develop younger lawyers while acting as the chief of several misdemeanor courts. Bryan tried and prevailed in many tough cases on behalf of victims who deserved justice, both in felony district courts and misdemeanor county courts. After 4 successful years in the District Attorney’s Office, Bryan transitioned to defense work. He continued trying cases, this time on behalf of the unjustly accused. He was selected by the National Trial Lawyers as a Criminal Defense Top 40 under 40 lawyer and earned a Clients Choice Award from Avvo. He currently operates his own private criminal defense firm in Houston, TX.


Why I am running 

The citizens of Harris County deserve to have courts that work for them. The law is designed to protect the rights of the accused and victims alike. Lawyers, both private and representing the State, deserve to have knowledgable and experienced judges who will follow the law in a manner that is fair, consistent, and even-handed. Every single person who steps foot in a courtroom deserves the upmost respect.


Sadly, it has become clear that the 176th is failing its citizens on a number of fronts. That is why I want to right the ship. I am committed to serving as a judge who follows my oath and the law. When given the chance, I will serve with compassion and common sense. The same passion for service and helping others which brought me back to Houston still courses through my veins. I want more than anything else to put my passion to work along with the years of experience I have in felony district courts as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney to serve my community.


Experience Matters


Whether you or a loved one is accused or the victim, there’s no doubt that you want and deserve a judge who has enough firsthand experience to preside over the matter fairly and with the requisite legal knowledge to make the right decisions. I have personally handled hundreds of felony cases on both sides of the aisle, trying numerous felonies cases right here in Harris County.


Unfortunately, the currently sitting judge (Judge Harmon) cannot say the same. Her vast experience in municipal court is certainly valuable, however, it is ill-suited for the demands of a felony district court. There are significant and substantial differences between cases handled in municipal court and those designated to a felony court. The legal decision making involved in resolving a speeding ticket fails to compare to the complex legal issues found in, for example, murder and sexual assault cases. The citizens of this county deserve judges who have personal experience trying and handling cases in a felony district court.


The people deserve Bryan Acklin.



The 176th District Court is located in Harris County, TX. It handles felony criminal matters as well as criminal-related matters such as expunctions and non-disclosures. The 176th District Court is one of 22 felony criminal courts in our great county. Examples of cases heard in felony district court include murder, sexual assault, aggravated robbery, and possession of a controlled substance. Felony courts handle serious cases that have long-standing consequences for victims, the accused, and the community.


Bryan Acklin has firsthand experience handling those types of felony cases and others as both a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. That experience required him to become well-versed in the nuances of the laws governing those offenses as well as criminal procedure.


His opponent, simply stated, does not. While nearly all legal experience has value, not all such experience qualifies one to preside over a felony district court. If you or a loved one were accused of a felony or the victim of felony, how comfortable would you feel with an attorney who had virtually no experience handling that type of case? Would you feel comfortable that you were receiving the best possible representation? If the answer is no, then please consider what type of judge you want presiding over those cases as your representative and elect Bryan Acklin as the district court judge of the 176th District Court.



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